Everything changes when you let go of the idea of a powertrain as you have known it for the past 100 years.

The power for sustainable transport.

The transport sector is challenged to reduce their CO2, nitrogen and sound emissions. To make the switch from diesel to sustainable energy carriers, entrepreneurs are looking for trucks that are profitable and practical to use.

Did you know that in practise at least 70% of the energy is lost in the powertrain of a diesel truck, before it even reaches the wheels?
And that today’s ‘sustainable’ trucks do not operate more energy efficient than Diesel trucks?

Despite the fact that the energy efficiency of electric motors approaches 100%, the current way of electrifying leads to excessive energy consumption and the inability to deliver real performance.



The new standard for heavy-duty e-Truck powertrains.

That is the reason why we are developing a compact electric powertrain that makes heavy-duty trucks very efficient and powerful.

This only becomes possible by placing the entire drive in one straight line and fully integrate motors and gears in the rear axle.

Our revolutionary class-8 truck ePowertrain is developed with efficiency as a starting point. A world first, and the patent is pending.

Thanks to the patented SmeshGear technology, the available power is used in the most efficient way and loaded under nominal power only. This sets off a chain reaction of mutually reinforcing benefits.

All energy goes one way:


In the video you get to know Smesh-E-Axle in 2 minutes.

Smesh-E-Axle is the solid base making it technically and economically feasible to electrify heavy-duty trucks in a sustainable way, regardless of which energy carrier is used.


The Dutch-design E-Axle stands for impressive efficiency and reduces energy consumption by using the available energy in the most efficient way.

  • Fewer batteries, smaller motors, better performance.
  • Higher regenerative braking due to downshifting under full load.
  • SmeshGear transmission with 100% efficiency from 49 km/h.
  • Extended battery life thanks to the use of nominal load only.


Thanks to the all-in-1 architecture, the entire powertrain in front of the rear axle has been made redundant. Eliminating all parts that produce drag and efficiency losses. Combined with the SmeshGear technology this contributes to the extremely compact build. Compatible with OEM chassis, brakes and other equipment. Practical, safe and low weight.


Thanks to sophisticated motor management, the two electric motors as good as always operate in their optimal operating range.
And as soon as the planetary SmeshGears do their work, they multiply motor torque as rotary levers. This creates an enormous torque at the wheels, and that’s what gets a truck moving!

  • High pulling force for effortless acceleration.
  • Smooth drive-off on slopes maintaining momentum.
  • Vehicle control thanks to shock-free shifting under full load.
  • Prevention of under- or overload and wear.

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