Smesh-E-Axle prototype ready!

How do you build a truly innovative powertrain for heavy-duty trucks? One that fits today’s electrification challenges?

Watch the time lapse to see the construction process of the Smesh-E-Axle prototype.

The powertrain is designed with efficiency as a starting point and fits completely in the rear axle of a semi truck, including fully integrated electric motors and 8-speed transmission!
Thanks to this all-in-1 architecture, the entire powertrain in front of the rear axle has been made redundant. Eliminating all parts that produce drag and efficiency losses, and creating the shortest possible path to deliver torque to the wheels.

Actually, it’s very simple: the most efficient electric powertrain that is powerful and compact, no matter what energy carrier is used.

Our next milestone is an official 3rd party technical performance test. Follow us to stay in the know!