Boom. Let’s deliver on a promise!

Do you think an electric truck can beat a diesel on tractive force? Yes, we can!

We like to play a fair game and give competition a head start. Running at 60% of our NOMINAL capacity, we match a diesel truck and outperform electric trucks by at least a factor 2, both running at full PEAK performance with a comparable 210 kW.

Peak vs nominal is like a sprint vs endurance. We never use peak power because it destroys efficiency and you can only sustain that performance for a very short time. When you boost the e-motor and double the power, the energy consumption does not double but it increases up to fivefold! Instead we use our patented 8 speed SmeshGear transmission to create high torque to the wheels at low energy consumption, and we can do that for a very looooooooooong time.

Imagine your vehicle weighs 40 metric tons, that’s a big mass to set in motion at once. The use of gears increases the torque until the vehicle moves. So gears prevent damage, increase battery life, make use of engine power more efficiently and open the door for more range.

We love it!

We have proven that the Smesh-E-Axle is Compact & Powerful. The next step is Efficiency. Soon the Smesh-E-Axle will be extensively tested by an independent and specialized automotive specialist. We are looking forward to the results, are you?

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