Smesh-E-Axle works together with a number of leading partners who support the development of tomorrow’s powertrain.
This may consist of a substansive and/or financial contribution.

A Jansen B.V. believes in the economical and innovative Smesh-E-Axle powertrain for electric trucks. In order to take sustainable transport a big step further, they offer themselves as a pilot company to extensively test the system with their trucks in practice.
A. Jansen B.V. has been offering sustainable and innovative solutions for infra, recycling and concrete for over 50 years. All disciplines under one roof and circularly connected. They process residual materials from recycling and infrastructure work into certified secondary raw materials for use in concrete products. By using its own transport with a fleet of 140 trucks, the links in the chain are connected.

Mobility Lab, the startup program in the field of mobility, has selected Smesh-E-Axle to participate in the program. Mobility Lab enables innovation in the field of mobility.
They connect governments and companies with startups that offer a suitable solution for their mobility challenge. Together they will test the innovation in practice.

Smesh-E-Axle has received a financial boost from the Eindhoven Metropolitan Area and the provincial Economy and Innovation Subsidy Scheme for the development of a prototype of the innovative electric truck powertrain.

Thanks to the expertise of their dedicated specilists, high quality lubricants and the analysis of the oil samples after each test round, Eurol ensures that Smesh-E-Axle achieves the highest possible efficiency under all conditions.

Eurol has been the largest Dutch independent producer of lubricants and technical fluids for over 40 years. The ‘Quality is in our nature’ promise is central to Eurol and its OEM-specified lubricants are available in more than 80 countries.

Smesh-E-Axle has received financial support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for the development of a commercially useful prototype of the innovative truck powertrain.

Do you have a good idea or would you like to contribute to the new standard for truck powertrain technology?