Smesh-E-Axle works together with a number of leading partners who support the development of tomorrow’s powertrain.
This may consist of a substansive and/or financial contribution.

Smesh-E-Axle has received a financial boost from the Eindhoven Metropolitan Area and the provincial Economy and Innovation Subsidy Scheme for the development of a prototype of the innovative electric truck powertrain.
Thanks to this contribution, we are able to take the next step in the realization of the Smesh-E-Axle.

Smesh-E-Axle has received financial support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for the development of a commercially useful prototype of the innovative truck powertrain.
Thanks to this contribution, we are able to build a concept Truck, equip it with a prototype Smesh-E-Axle and test, validate and demonstrate the whole under real conditions.

To explore the possibilities for sustainable heavy transport, Bosch Beton supports the Smesh-E-Axle project with a substantive contribution during the test and validation phase.
Bosch Beton is the market leader in retaining walls and forerunner in the field of sustainability. For example, they are the first retaining wall producer worldwide to be CSC certified for sustainable production of concrete, and the new factory, which was commissioned in 2019, was built according to the highest BREEAM sustainability performance level.

Do you have a good idea or would you like to contribute to the new standard for truck powertrain technology?