The unique aspect is that the entire drive is in one straight line. With fully integrated motors and gears, our innovative truck eAxle is a first-of-a-kind electric powertrain for heavy-duty trucks.

The all-in-one configuration eliminates the entire powertrain in front of the rear axle, including all the gearing that produces drag and efficiency losses on the vehicle. By integrating the motors into the axle we have created the shortest possible path to deliver torque to the wheels, and that is what moves a truck. To further increase efficiency, the motors spin in parallel with the wheels and the multi gear system makes sure the motors remain in their optimal operating range. This is in a nutshell how the available e-power is converted to mechanical energy in the most efficient way.

How exactly is this innovative heavy-duty e-truck powertrain built? The patent is pending, so here’s how the Smesh-E-Axle works:

  • 2 electric motors
  • 5 patented SmeshGear transmissions
  • 2 reductors

and all of that in one axle with a diameter of only 32 centimetres. Of course this electric class-8 powertrain is compatible with OEM trucks of all well known brands.

Because of the efficiency we work with 2 motors, in the picture below these are shown in green. One motor is strong enough to keep a truck with 50 metric ton GVW at a cruising speed of 85 km/h. The second motor is additional to accelerate, to slow down on the motor, to regenerate braking energy and also to climb gradients, like a mountain road, bridge or ramp.

With fully integrated motors and gears, our innovative Smesh-E-Axle electric truck powertrain is a world first.

On the picture above the 5 SmeshGear transmissions are shown in blue. An engine delivers power, that is force times rpm, and the SmeshGear gears convert that force. When driving off it is a lot of force and few revs, and while accelerating we finally go to normal force and a normal rpm at cruising speed in 8 steps. Thanks to SmeshGear and smart engine management the electric motors keep operating in the optimal operating range.

Another strength of the SmeshGear is that once the gears are no longer needed, they are put out of action. They no longer participate and do not create any resistance. This results in a lot of efficiency gains, especially over long distances.

But the best thing is that we already have applied this technology, like in the e-OX agricultural tractor, Trefecta e-bike, Noah circular car and the Storm motorcycle, the last two both from TU Eindhoven.

The advantages have proven themselves in practice and now it is time to move up to the real stuff, class-8 heavy-duty e-trucks with an impressive pulling power. Technology is so beautiful.

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