Transporters face the challenge of reducing CO², nitrogen and noise emissions. Smesh-E-Axle has been founded from the idea to speed up the proces of making heavy-duty trucks more sustainable.

Today, the industry focus is on making light and urban transport more sustainable. Slowly you see the first trucks on the street running on sustainable energy carriers such as hydrogen (FCEV) and batteries (BEV). What do all these technologies have in common?
The electric powertrain!

To be able to make the switch from diesel fuel to sustainable energy carriers, entrepreneurs in heavy and long-distance transport are looking for trucks that are practical to use and can be deployed cost-effectively.


In theory, an electric-powered truck is much more energy efficient than the diesel version. In practice not.

This is because the ‘sustainable’ trucks are built on the basis of a powertrain that was conceived more than 100 years ago for a diesel truck. This creates limitations in driving characteristics and results in high energy consumption. By adding more batteries or larger hydrogen tanks, slightly more range is achieved. However, the vehicle weight increases further and more power and energy is required to achieve the desired performance. The negative vicious cycle has been set in motion.


Everyone agrees that electric drive has the future. But continuing in the current way is a dead end because a lot of energy and money is lost. After 100 years of loyal service, it is time to break with the traditional truck powertrain: Large, heavy & inefficient.

Our founder Leon Lauwers has gone back to the drawing board and has developed a revolutionary new powertrain. One with efficiency as a starting point, fitting today’s electrification challenges.

“Simplicity is the key to sustainable solutions for major challenges.”

Leon Lauwers | Inventor of Smeshgear

To bring this idea into practice, a partnership has been set up, consisting of a team of companies and professionals, each with specialist knowledge in their own field. What binds us is the passion to bring innovation into practice.

The new standard in heavy-duty truck drivetrain technology is called Smesh-E-Axle. Actually, it’s very simple:

The most efficient electric powertrain that is powerful and compact, no matter what energy carrier is used.

All energy goes one way: The right one.

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