Our team consists of various companies and professionals, each with specialist knowledge in their own field.
What binds us is the passion to jointly bring the innovative Smesh-E-Axle into practice.

The mission of Leon Lauwers, inventor of the SmeshGear, is the pleasure of constantly discovering how technology can be applied more effectively and usefully. He believes in simplicity because that is where the greatest power lies. Leon breathes technology and is commercially supported within Smesh by co-owner Rens de Roon and Jan ‘the relationship man’ Bosch.

Ruud Visser Engineering has more than 30 years of experience in developing motor management and control systems for internal combustion engines, hybrid systems and innovative drive technologies. Ruud enjoys getting the most out of motors and having the power ‘in control’. He is a well-known Dutchman when it comes to truck racing and rally engines and his motto is: “Have fun making power”.

GTA is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality toothed components and precision gears. With their lean and well-equipped production sites, which are certified according to EN-ISO-9001, they provide customized advice and complete solutions. GTA thinks along with her clients and works with them to innovate and reduce costs.
Marco Jeckmans participates in the partnership on behalf of GTA.

Wuf van Ginkel has more than earned his stripes thanks to over 30 years of experience in building and maintaining trucks. Working on the future by inventing innovative trucks is in his DNA. Wuf knows everything about truck driving under very difficult conditions and has driven more than 15 desert rallies, including of course Paris-Dakar with his own team Ginaf Rally Power.

Senja Boom recently graduated from TU Delft, where she specialized in sustainable energy technology. Contributing to the energy transition is her goal and she does so by combining mechanical, chemical and electrotechnical knowledge with a social perspective. Smesh-E-Axle is the perfect place for that.

Rino Both has over 20 years of commercial experience in marketing and consultancy. Being in motion and getting others in motion is what energizes Rino, and we at Smesh-E-Axle love to use that energy.

We love to help you!